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RPS Hospitals is the 24/7 best multispeciality hospital in chennai that functions with all departments, The salient departments being gastroenterology (medical & surgical), Liver services, paediatrics, trauma & orthopaedics, obstetrics & gynaecology and medicine Gynaecology, and Medicine


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RPS Hospitals covers virtually every specialty. The consultants have extenseive experience in treating most of the diseases.

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Virtually all medical services you may need - doctor visits, testing, surgery, hospital care - are available "under one roof" at RPS Hospitals.


RPS Hospitals Constantly invests in latest technlogy aiming to enhance patient experience and also invests in diagnostic technlogy to support our ability...

Not for Profit

RPS Hospitals associates with Chennai Liver Foundation to help the patients from lover socio economic status. We do strongly believe in health for all tiers of the society.

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