Diabetology and Internal Medicine

Diabetology and Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

In the same way that children can see a pediatrician instead of a family practitioner for checkups, an adult can see an internist. We provide care for the total wellness of adults and seniors. Internal medicine is all about preventing, diagnosing, and treating adult diseases. That’s why many adults choose an internist for their primary care physicians.

Our education and training focus on helping adult patients with chronic illnesses and multiple conditions. As people get older, their health may get more complicated, and having an adult medicine specialist, like an internist can be helpful.

Instead of treating one illness at a time. Internists connect the dots to identify underlying conditions, explain symptoms and help manage chronic illness. An internist is sometimes referred to as the doctor’s because we are often called upon to help other physicians solve puzzling diagnostic problems.


Diabetologists are specialists who provide treatment to the patients who are inflicted with early or severe stages of diabetes while endocrinologists provide treatment for the problem related to endocrinology as a whole in the patient’s body.