For many decades now, people from all walks of life have found relief from their ailments with Dr. R. P. Shanmugam. His own hospital is just another tool to serve everyone better

Experienced doctors in every specialty:

RPS Hospitals covers virtually every specialty. The consultants have extenseive experience in treating most of the diseases. Please find list of consultants and their specialities here.

We take the time you need:

RPS Hospital doctors take the time to listen and thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns and provide you with an unhurried consultation.

Satisfied patients and an unparalleled experience:

Our patients tell us that the quality of their interactions, our attention to detail and the efficiency of their visit mean health care like they’ve never experienced. Read the stories of satisfied patients.

One-stop care:

Virtually all medical services you may need — doctor visits, testing, surgery, hospital care — are available “under one roof” at RPS Hospitals.


RPS Hospitals Constantly invests in latest technlogy aiming to enhance patient experience and also invests in diagnostic technlogy to support our ability to give you the best answers and the best treatment.

Not for profit:

RPS Hospitals associates with Chennai Liver Foundation to help the patients from lower socio economic status. We do strongly believe in Health for all and that no one should be deprived based on their social status. Click here to know as to how you can be associated with Chennai Liver Foundation.